February 9, 2013

Samsung Ativ S review

Samsung was the first manufacturer to officially announce a Windows Phone 8 device, but has since been suspiciously quiet about its plans. Plagued by delays and a missed launch period with HTC and Nokia, Samsung’s carrier deals, release dates, and exact pricing haven’t been forthcoming. Microsoft rarely mentions the company's devices in marketing materials, and it feels like Samsung's Windows Phone 8 efforts have been all but forgotten.

Samsung might seem like an afterthought for Microsoft and Windows Phone, but now the Ativ S comes thundering onto the scene with the same 4.8-inch display as the company’s flagship Galaxy S III. The Ativ S is a huge Windows Phone handset, but it's also only 8.7mm thick, making this both the largest and the thinnest Windows Phone 8 device available. Is this a true competitor to the Galaxy S III and the current crop of Windows Phone devices, or is it just another rebadged Android phone with some software additions that will soon be forgotten? Read on to find out.

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