April 23, 2012

iPhone Boom Mic


iPhone lovers have good news to add little more professional audio to your iPhone, You really love to have Boom Mic which have been created specificall for Apple’s iPhone

The Boom Mic measure just 4 inches long and is super lightweight. It attaches to the iPhone’s headphone jack and adjusts to hold on to the back of your iPhone, and can be used over a case if required.

The iPhone Boom Mic requires one AAA battery to work, which is comes supplied with and has two directional settings for near and far recording situations.

Shooting your friend’s show? Use the directional setting to capture all of the sound coming from the stage. When you’re interviewing the band afterward, switch to the super-directional setting for more precisely focused recording. Here to save your punch line from the crackling background noise of iPhone videos, The iPhone Boom Mic

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